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Dear all, It is with a feeling of joy and trepidation that I am informing you that I am retiring from my clinical psychotherapy practice from the 1st May 2023. My husband Albert and I will make an around the world trip as closure. I will be visiting the institute of Psychosynthesis again in Florence.  We will return early September. I envisage that I will continue with some on-line sessions (Face-Time, Skype, Zoom). Closer to that time please check my website for more information. As I am writing this it feels surreal and sad that my life’s work is coming to an end in its current format…. May I thank you for your trust and openness thereby teaching me the development and deeper understanding of humanity and my own heart. In gratitude Janine.

I have a list of possible alternative therapists. There is information available online if you type in the names online. It may take research and trying a session to find the right fit for you. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need more information
1.    Salome Carter, 0439 503 702
My daughter who I mentor. Social Worker and Therapist. Working with woman, infertility, parenting, family therapy, anxiety, depression, neurodiversity, grief and loss.
2.    Tracey Greaves, 0420 512 665 
Social Worker, mainly in trauma, Buddhist orientation and mindfulness 
3.    Robyn Duckworth, 0468321449
Social Worker. Therapist, worked for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Experience with families, children and trauma informed.
4.    Nina Mekisic, 0432153432
Social Worker, therapist in trauma informed practice
5.    Dr. Leslie Porter, 040704099
Psychologist in relational Narrative Therapy and trauma informed practice
6.    Vina Grossmann, 0400017064 
Clinical Social Worker, therapist, body inclusive training works with families and children of any age 
7.    Dianne Ervine; 0413533414
8.    Social Worker very experienced in health
9.    Lud Allen, 0422 459 660     
Male, emancipated therapist, CBT and Self Compassionate Therapy
10. Harry de Jong, 08 700 65225 
Male, experienced in PTSD, relationships, anxiety and depression
11. Heather Randall, 08 7006 5225
Clinical Psychologist. Completed training in the UK. Warm and mature
12. Vera Deciccia, 08 700 89 89 
Counselling, from the Ukraine, experienced in burn out, stress and trauma.
13. Liana Taylor, 8272 0046
Mindfulness trainer and Clinical Psychologist
14. Neill Altman Kinesiologist, 8338 2006
Wise and experienced male, anxiety and depression
15. Amande D’ Crus
Naturopath and psychic mature. Has a loyal following
16. Paul Habib, 82449275
Psychic healer and medium good for grief, especially for families surviving suicide
17. Steve Boord, 83643500
Chiropractor for infant readjustments, integrated approach
18. Moira Joyce, 0432 764 151
Experienced Buddhist Psychotherapist for couple and individual work
19. Mall Ball, 0466 368 022
Founder of humane clinic. Mood regulation, psychosis, education and trauma work

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